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Jan 2024

playlistLAIBACH,gesamtkunstwork1980-1987. EINSTUZENDE NAUBAUTEN,stategies against architecture IV. NINEINCHNAILS,ghostsI-IV. SOISONG,qXn948s. MANOREXIA,volvox turbo. COIL-the remote veiwer…COH-mort aux vaches 300,000VK,titan. TESTDEPT,a good night out. TESTDEPT,proven in action. KILLAMANJIRO DARK JAZZ ENSEMBLE. KILLING JOKE in dub2014. ## MEATBEATMANIFESTO,in dub&answers come in dreams ELECTRIC SEWER AGE.bad white corpuscle/ SOMATIC RESPONSES.reformation. SWARM INTELLINGENCE.faction MOUNT VERNON ASTRAL TEMPLE-musick that destroys itself/FOETUS-vein / THETHINGWITH5EYES

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